Engineering Services and Product Development

Alphaport is pioneering new outcome based initiatives to refine existing engineering processes and create new and innovative product development programs.


Knowledge Management Services and Training

Alphaport has a dedicated business unit that specializes in the management of technical knowledge, primarily related to engineering services and applied research.

Alphaport was ranked as the 24th fastest growing government service company by Inc. Magazine. read more



Safety and Mission Assurance Support Services III (SMASS III)

Alphaport awarded the Safety and Missions Assurance Support Services III contract for NASA Kennedy Space Center. Alphaport will provide mission assurance, engineering, and risk assessment in the SMA disciplines at KSC and at other NASA SMA supported sites.
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Engineering the Next-Generation Rocket Igniter

Alphaport’s Exciter Igniter system, initially developed for potential use in NASA space vehicles, such as the Orion Crew Vehicle and Altair lunar lander, presents an opportunity for the commercial space transportation industry. Testing at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and Alphaport facilities with a safer, less volatile, methane-oxygen mixture demonstrates a ground-breaking opportunity: using green fuels in space transportation. Although the innovative ignition system, a product of Alphaport’s partnership with NASA, bolsters the viability of environmentally responsible, non-toxic propellants in rocket engines, the Exciter Igniter can be applied to terrestrial vehicles and achieve the same advantage. read more

Bringing Science Fiction to Future American Soldiers

In collaboration with Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Alphaport has fulfilled a prime contract from the Department of Defense for development of a Battlefield Air Operations system. This highly integrated system of human and technology interfaces allows ground forces to communicate with air command forces using real-time visual information for enhanced battle space awareness and combat effectiveness. The project, named “BATMAN” for Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge, includes head-mounted displays, wearable computing systems, secure wireless communications, speech recognition enhancements, and software interface technology that revolutionizes human-machine collaboration. read more


Alphaport, Inc. is a first-class engineering services company providing innovative systems, products, and solutions for aerospace, space, defense, and commercial applications to government and technical businesses on a global scale. Alphaport, Inc. specializes in developing and applying cutting-edge, comprehensive knowledge management training programs that advance technology innovation and workforce development through knowledge retention and application. read more


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