Knowledge Management

Whether your organization is a government agency or military base your most valuable asset is the knowledge base you have built over many years of research, development, and investment in human capital. Your competitive advantage for the future is the retention and utilization of that knowledge base in a secure environment.

Our knowledge management program is unsurpassed for enabling the success of high technology organizations.


KRMITS offers a complete turnkey program for its knowledge management retention services. From an unbiased gap analysis, to identifying subject matter experts, harvesting knowledge, and organizing data into a retrievable format, then implementing workforce development training, we offer a truly sustainable program that allows your organization to retain its intellectual capital and tacit knowledge.

We can customize a program that will address the unique challenges of your specific application. Our innovative technical programs provide a resource framework and a portal of content that can be managed with convenient access to information for decades to come. Protect your IP and invest in the future.

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Workforce Development and Training

Alphaport offers a complete range of training services:

  • Training Courses
  • Presentations
  • Speaker Support
  • Video Capture
  • Web-Based
  • Video-Based
  • Classroom-Based
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Social Networks
  • Virtual Worlds

Three professional teams, integrated to deliver quality products and services


Alphaport’s professional Course Development team can create custom technical training to your specifications, from interactive instructor-led workshops to video-based courses to sophisticated Web-based learning.

Our Proprietary Process

Alphaport uses a proprietary analysis process to ensure that every course we develop will be the most effective blend of instructional formats so that the learning experiences you offer will be enjoyable, meaningful and efficient. Combined with our NASA-proven Course Development Process, Alphaport-developed courses will also demonstrate a respect for your learners’ valuable training time as well as make efficient use of your limited resources.

We use the Alphaport Course Development Process to ensure that your course is done right, on time and within budget. Unlike traditional process reviews that can result in expensive change requests, our process provides up to eight review and approval points so that you can be assured you are getting exactly what you want without having to blow your budget on changes.

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